5 Ways to Quickly Convert a File Into an Editable Version

There are few things more frustrating than trying to edit a document only to discover it’s  been saved in a format that cannot be edited. Fortunately, there are several solutions to the problem — five of which are presented here. The next time you receive a document from a colleague or your boss that cannot be edited directly, you won’t find yourself pulling out your hair or trying to recreate the wheel because you’ll know exactly what to do to fix the issue.

1. Adobe Acrobat’s Sharing and Collaboration Features

If you’re a business owner, manager or digital marketer, you know how important it is to share and collaborate on documents with clients and colleagues. Adobe Acrobat’s sharing and collaboration features can help you do just that by allowing you to convert any file into an editable PDF.

When you use Adobe Acrobat to create a PDF, you can add comments and markups to the document using the Comment tool. You can also use the Compare Documents feature to compare two PDF versions. If you need to sign a document electronically, you can do so using the Fill & Sign tool.

Once you’re done making changes to the document, you can save it as a new PDF or export it to another file format, such as Word or Excel. You can also share the PDF with others via email or by creating a link that can be shared via social media or instant messaging. If you need to track changes made to the document, you can do so by enabling the Track Changes feature. If you want to password-protect your PDF, you can do that too.

2. Google Drive’s Export as Doc Feature

Google Drive is a powerful tool. The Export as Doc feature can be highly beneficial for business owners and digital marketers because it allows users to easily convert PDFs or other non-editable file formats into editable formats. This can save a lot of time and frustration when making changes to a document. The feature also ensures that all formatting and layouts will be retained when converting a file, which is often important for business documents or marketing materials that require a specific format or structure.

The Export as Doc feature is pretty straightforward to use. Open the file you wish to convert in Google Drive, click on the File menu and select Export as Doc. The file will then be exported as an editable Word document. This process can be reversed by exporting the Word document as a PDF.

3. Microsoft’s Template Create Feature

Microsoft offers a template creation feature that allows you to quickly and easily convert files into editable versions. Upload the file you want to convert, select File and Save As, and decide where you want to save your file. Then, choose either Word Template or Word Macro-Enabled Template, and click Save. That’s it! Microsoft will do the rest, delivering a high-quality, editable file within seconds.

Microsoft’s template creation feature uses cutting-edge technology to quickly and accurately convert files into editable versions. Nobody has the time to rebuild documents, and this feature allows you to convert files to editable documents via the pre-built elements in a template.

If you already have Microsoft Office, there’s no need to download or install any new software. Upload the file you want to convert, select the output format, and you’ll have your file in seconds. Microsoft produces high-quality results that are accurate and reliable, so you can trust that your converted files will look just like the originals.

4.  OCR Online Image Conversion Feature

OCR Online is one of many tools capable of converting an image to an editable Word document. Like the others, there are limitations, but if you have a small, simple file, it just might do the trick.

Exactly as it sounds, this app is an online picture to text converter. It allows you to extract text from an image. Your original file can be a JPEG, GIF, JPG, or BMP, or PDF. OCR Online will convert the file to a text, Word, or Excel format. OCR Online can also scan an email to extract and convert text. And, as you would guess, OCR Online uses optical character recognition software.

OCR Online is very easy to use. You upload your file to the website, choose what language you want to use, convert the image, and save it. As mentioned, though, there are limitations. Online image converters will often lose formatting in the conversion process. Also, you will not be able to edit the new file before saving it, and there is no built-in document security. Lastly, it will not work if you are not connected to the internet.

5. Nitro Pro’s Export File Feature

Nitro Pro’s Export File feature is a handy tool that allows you to quickly and easily convert PDFs into any format you need. Whether you’re looking to edit a document or share it with someone who doesn’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on their computer, this feature is essential.

Using the Export File feature is simple. Just open the PDF you want to convert and click on the File tab at the top of the screen. Then, click on Export File. A new window will pop up, allowing you to choose which format you want to export your PDF into. For example, you can export it as a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, a PowerPoint presentation, or even an HTML file. Once you’ve selected your desired format, click Export and your PDF will be converted on the spot.

Edit Your Files Without the Hassle

There you have it — five ways to convert a file into an editable version quickly. Whether you’re looking to convert a PDF into a Word document or an image into a PowerPoint presentation, each method is sure to get the job done quickly and easily. So, next time you need to convert a file, be sure to give one of these methods a try.