Are You Familiar with The Details About Sanitary Valves?

In certain special applications, we need to process the materials in very clean or sterile conditions. In the industries where food, dairy products, medicines and certain other chemicals are produced, we need that all the activities are performed in such a way that there should not be any contamination. Also, the contact surfaces of the machines and device should be such that it can be easily cleaned and polished too.

These sanitary valves are designed in a such manner that it facilitates the manufacturing process in a clean and sterile manner. There are number of different types of such valves available for various applications. They are as follows:

  • Globe valves

These are linear motion valves with round bodies and therefore they are named so. In order to regulate the flow of liquid in throttling and on/off service they can be used.

  • Pinch valves

Any valves which has a flexible elastomer body which can be pinched closed or cutting of flow by using different mechanism for pressure of fluid. Pinch valves are linear motion and full-bore valves and hence they can be put to application in both on/off manner as well as in throttling service or variable position.

  • Diaphragm valves

These valves are related to above pinch valves but additionally use an elastomeric diaphragm in place of an elastomeric liner in the body of valve in order to separate the stream flow from the closure element.

  • Needle valves

These valves have tapered point in its end of stem of the valve which is lowered through the seat in order to restrict or block the flow. Here the fluid that are flowing will turn right angle and pass through orifice which is the seat of a rod that has cone shaped tip.

  • Knife or gate valves

These valves are linear motion valves where you can find a flat closure element that can easily slide into the stream of flow to shut it off. There are two types of gate valves – wedge shaped and parallel.

  • Butterfly valves

These valves can be opened quickly and consist of metallic circular disc having its pivot axis at 90 degree to the flow direction in the pipe.

  • Plug valves

These are also known as stop cock valves and are mostly used for plumbing system, they are mostly used for on/off or throttling service.

  • Ball valves

These valves can be used for shut off and have got high repeatability because of their design.

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