Do You Know the Benefits of Using Pressure Treated Lumbers?

People have been using wood for building houses and different kinds of furniture and many other applications since ages. However, under certain environmental condition, wood may rot or certain bacteria may grow in the wood that may destroy them. The other alternatives of wood can be aluminum, steel or concrete however they are much expensive.

In order to eliminate the drawback of normal woods, pressure treated lumber has been created by treating wood with certain preservative chemicals. This pressure treated lumbers offer number of advantages as mentioned below:

  • Moisture resistant

Pressure treated wood is usually treated with several chemicals that are copper based and that can protect against humidity and therefore no fungus or any other microorganisms can settle on them. Therefore, such woods are excellent choice for deck application.

  • Fungal resistant

Any normal wood can easily develop fungus with some exposure to moisture however due to treatment of preservative chemicals that are copper based and few other compounds which are resistant to fungal growth.

  • Insect resistant

Insect like termites are very big issue and also carpenter ants can pose threat to any wooden structure. The presence of copper compound in pressure treated woods will protect from such damage from various insects.

  • Fire resistant

One of the biggest threats to wood is fire and by injecting fungicide and insecticides in the wood, the pressure treated lumbers can become fire resistant too. These fire-retardant lumbers are extensively used in buildings or in the area that are prone to fire.

  • Available in different sizes

Pressure treated lumbers are available in the market in many different sizes meant for varieties of applications. It can be used for making decks, for utility posts or poles, deck flooring purpose and many other such applications.

  • Value for money

As compared to any natural wood, pressure treated woods will be costly however looking at so many advantages that pressure treated wood offers, you will get good value for your money. If you compare the cost of steel or concrete, pressure treated woods are still cheaper than these materials.

  • Durable

If you compare the life of such pressure treated wood with any other natural wood, this pressure treated wood will last much longer in any kind of environment. Also, its property of insect resistance makes it more desirable material for different applications.

  • Easy to use

Pressure treated woods can also be easily cut and finished like any other normal wood and all the carpenter tools can work very easily on them.

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