Driving Change in Organization can be challenging but Not Impossible

If you are working in an organization, you might know how competitive the corporate world is. The organization needs to come up with new business strategies and transformation programs so that the employees are quickly aligned to the process and work more efficiently to achieve the company’s objectives.

Reasons Why Transformation Projects Not Reach the End Stage

Not all projects that are introduced are met with enthusiasm by the employees. There might be some who might not like change and might not agree to your view points. Secondly, a lot of thought needs to be give to any transformation project.

Companies, these days are more focused on finance transformation. Here the CFO will try to come up with new strategies or business plans that can help to improve the financial results of the company. Sometimes, no matter how much effort and time you put onto this project, they need meet a positive end.

The reasons for such issues could be:

  • Focusing on customer satisfaction rather than looking at the financial capabilities of the business
  • Emphasizing more on the cost factor rather than the profitability ratio of the company
  • Not be patient enough for the project to reap positive benefits
  • Making transformation a time bound project

Every project needs time to set sail. Mistakes and glitches are bound to happen. This does not mean you get frustrated and blame the project. Secondly, transformation is constantly evolving. It is a phase that will keep improving with time.

Getting People onto the Transformation Platform

Heading a transformation project in a finance department is not easy. First and foremost, you might need to coordinate with various departments and involve the right people for the job. Secondly, you need to inform all the managers in the organization about the transformation project and get their approval or inputs.

Not all people in your organization will be happy. You need to know how to get them on your side. Offering incentives is a good start. Begin by talking about the strength, weakness and opportunities for the organization.

Back your theories by research and case studies. This will make the employees feel motivated and contribute their ideas and opinions onto the finance project for transformation. Every input is valuable. Listen to what your team has to say and try to implement these wherever possible.

Keep everyone involved with the projected updated in terms of reports, analytics and updates. Have a clear vision in mind and stay focused in achieving them.


Teamwork is the key for successful transformation. Having common goals can help your business reach new heights.

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