Few Common Myths About Metal Buildings

There are many different myths associated with metal buildings and the fact is that none of them are true. Most of these myths are generated due to very little knowledge about metals.

Following are few of the common myths about the metal buildings –

  1. Steel buildings are cheap, weal and flimsy

Such impression has been created due to various old farm buildings and by seeing any metal building repair near me that one can often see on the way. You must understand that these farm buildings are created by farmers who have limited funds and they create such building by using scrap material. Today’s skillfully made metal buildings built by using high quality material are predrilled and precisely cut and follow the building codes.

  • Not very energy efficient

Yes, your garden shed may get heated up during summer days but metal building uses proper insulation where you can maintain proper temperature inside. Its roof can reflect UV rays from summer and you can remain comfortable inside.

  • Metal buildings are too noisy

People think that there will be echo inside the metal building and it will be too noisy. However, if the building is properly insulated by using right kind of material, no such problem will occur.

  • Prone to lightning strikes

It is true that metal is good conductor but it acts as positive conductor to earth. If ever lightning strikes then entire energy developed in the building gets grounded and hence people inside remain safe.

  • Unsafe for live electrical wire

The same explanation given in case of lightning strike is applicable here too.

  • Chances of getting rust

Most of the metals used for metal buildings are usually galvanized and on top of that they are also painted. Rust can only happen if the coating is destroyed and if you are doing regular maintenance of the building then there is little chance of getting rust.

  • There may be expansion and contraction with temperature changes

It is true that metals can expand and contract with changes of temperature and therefore engineers also take care of this problem by using right type of fastener and using many other techniques.

  • It may interfere with radio, Wi-fi, TV and cell phones

No such problem happens and you will face no problem in using your TV, cellphone or any other electronic equipment.

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