Five Tips for Finding a Business Advisor

Business owners need help, especially as they grow a small business into a large corporate entity. The challenges that face new businesses are neverending, which is why a business advisor is extremely important to business success and growth. Finding a great business advisor will help with strategic business planning in addition to choosing correctly for crucial business operation decisions. But many new business owners are not aware of some of the most important qualities that they should look for in every business advisor they interview.

Previous Experience

While plenty of advisors have experience working with well-established companies, you will want to look for someone who has worked with new businesses before because he or she will understand the unique challenges that you will face. Business advisors in Vanuatu should have extensive previous knowledge of marketing trends, hiring tactics, and product or service knowledge. Ideally, find a business advisor who has personally owned a new business that is now thriving. This will allow him or her to understand firsthand how challenging it can be to start a business with low funding and little internal support.

Excellent Credentials

Feel free to ask friends or fellow business owners which advisors they work with, but always make sure that the credentials of those recommendations are excellent. Although a good business advisor doesn’t necessarily have to have credentials to be great at helping you, it does help ensure that you are getting good advice from someone who holds a high level degree or certification. Also consider asking any potential business advisors if they would be willing to provide references, and then call each person to see if they enjoy working with the advisor.

A Focus on Your Industry

A business advisor from any industry will be able to tell you formulas and patterns that will help your business grow towards success. However, an advisor who is familiar with the industry that your business operates in will speak your language and understand unique details of competition, marketing strategies, and more. In addition, a business advisor who has worked in your industry will be able to provide contacts who may also give you advice or network regularly with you.

Long-Term Focus

True success usually means thinking not only of the present market, but what will happen long-term. A great business advisor should share the same long-term mentality that you do and help you form a realistic vision of where your business will be in a few years or even in a decade. But not only should your advisor help you form long-term goals, they should be able to help you form small goals that will get you to your long-term goals faster.

Similar Values and Ideas

Arguably the most important quality for your business advisor to have is a like-minded mentality and value system. If you are working with an advisor who doesn’t believe in the same idea of succeeding at any cost, he or she may not be the best fit for you. Ultimately, you want someone who shares the same values and ideas, but who is also able to give insight about alternative options or thinking. Finding an advisor who is able to agree with your perspective while providing critical insight will help your business grow more effectively in the future.

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