Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Branded Packaging Experience

What is a branded packaging experience?

It is a careful and thoughtful selection of shipping and packaging materials and how you have decided to showcase your shipped products as well. The purpose of branded packaging experience is to offer additional value for your customer and your business by creating an unforgettable first impression of your product. Online retailers pay heed to fewer touch points to deliver delight when it is compared to physical retail. The benefit of online shopping efficiency can be derived at the cost of the tactile and a hands-on experience with the product before you make a purchase. Hence, it is vital to pay extra attention to the touch points available at hand in order to create a memorable brand experience for customers and make yourself standout from your competitors.

Why a branded packaging experience matters?

Establishing a long term and sustainable brand signify bringing customers back time and time again. Loyal customers tend to invest more in your business and doing it in retention and loyalty marketing can take you off of acquisition treadmill where you will seek for new customers. A survey found that 40 percent of consumers make repeat purchases from an online merchant who offers premium packaging as it makes the brand feel upscale and builds the anticipation for delivery.

How to create a custom packaging experience?


The main shipping container is deemed the most significant element. Also depending on the type of your product, it might be a box, bag or a poly mailer. Brown and white corrugated box manufacturing have also been on a top notch scale as it is deemed the sole option because of its low cost, rigidity and gets your job done. However, it might not be able to create the first impression you are looking for. If the actual package is capable to create a wow experience, that very factor also comes with a cost.


Tissue paper

You can use tissue paper to create an extra level of excitement by creating another layer of anticipation into your unboxing experience. You can consider custom printed tissue or a colored tissue paper.


The conventional filler types include Styrofoam packing peanuts, air pillows, foam inserts or bubble wrap. Others include crinkle paper and excelsior.


They are versatile and cost effective. When using tissue paper, you can use sticker to seal the paper. You can also pair it with a short note saying thank you to your customers.

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