Initiating a Successful Team Building Effort

Team building is a great opportunity for members to create a stronger bond outside their family work environment. If you are facilitating team building, it is important to choose a suitable venue and prepare all the activities everyone will be engaged in.

The tips below can help you when planning a team building event:

Develop Common Goals          

Take the time to determine what you are looking to establish and where you wish to go. Make use of this time to also celebrate your current success. Ensure every team member understands and supports your organizational and program goals. Help them understand the way their efforts contribute to achieving bigger goals.

Make Member Roles and Responsibilities Clear

Any organization or group will find it challenging to move ahead because of a lack of clarity in their roles and responsibilities. Ensure these roles are clarified to help support and achieve your common goals.

Make Sure you Have Support from the Management

Support from the management should not be limited to providing a team building venue and budget. Managers play an important role in keeping people’s learning alive. Make sure that the superiors and owners follow up with their people on their needs and how they can improve team building efforts. Also, managers must ensure what people learn from their team building activity is brought back to the workplace. Whether you are attending a congrès estrie or a team building activity, support from the management is important for the success of the event.

Develop an Action Plan

Usually, team building programs have a few associations with daily organisational or business objectives. When designing your program, make sure you make links to the organisation or to daily life to allow team members to bring what they learn to their respective homes. This is possible by building a formal action planning time into the program and ensuring managers follow up during regular meetings with staff. Determine what you can do to support and sustain the action planning.

Keep Team Building a Regular Effort

Having team building frequently will boost employee morale. Think about using the same facilitator over successive programs as this can usually provide extra traction to the event. Often, the team’s understanding and trust is higher every successive event when they are being facilitated by the same person or people. Plan on the amount of time you can commit to team building efforts in a year and determine what it will look like.

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