How Does It Benefit by Opting for Easy Instalments on Your Health Insurance Premium?

We live in a time of uncertainties where it has become more important than ever to take care of our health. It has equally become more important to have health insurance, so you are not financially burdened in case of a sudden medical crisis. Like with any other insurance, you need to pay premiums to get your health insurance covered.

For most people, paying a health insurance premium annually can be difficult, as the insurer deducts an enormous sum from their account at once. The availability of health insurance premiums on EMIs avoids the stress of paying hefty premiums. Here you pay a pre-decided amount every month towards your medical policy.

Benefits of purchasing your health insurance on EMIs

The primary aim of making the EMI option available towards health insurance is to make it more affordable and easier to access for all. Here are some benefits of health insurance that you from choosing monthly instalments –

  • Ability to choose a higher premium amount

When you are paying your insurance premium annually, there is a limit in funds that you can pay at once. With the option of an EMI, this is made flexible as paying monthly a fractional amount is easier for most buyers. When you purchase a health cover, you can use a health insurance premium calculator to get an estimate of the premium amount you need to pay to avail your desired coverage. If you cannot afford your desired coverage as annually the premium amount seems too much to pay at once, you can simply pay in monthly instalments. Paying premiums every month is much easier in the pockets of most people than paying a hefty amount of lump sum. *

  • Increase in health-related issues

Today’s generation is living the most convenient life than ever before, leading to unhealthy lifestyle problems, and eating habits. These have directly affected people’s health conditions and led to an increase in critical illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, and even some forms of cancer. When you are paying your EMIs of health insurance regularly, if you are ever diagnosed with any lifestyle-related conditions, your insurance will cover the hospitalisation expenses. *

  • Enables easy health cover for dependents

If you are the breadwinner of your family, cover the health of yourself as well as your family members, as health issues can place a financial burden. However, paying an annual premium for yourself along with your dependents can lead to a sudden deduction of huge funds from your account. Easy instalments you can buy health insurance and secure your and the health of your loved ones with ease.  *

  • Convenient to buy health insurance at an older age

While one can be diagnosed with a health condition anytime, chances are the more you age, the more your health is likely to deteriorate. Hence, the premiums of health insurance increase as you get older. It may be difficult for some people to pay such a huge premium for themselves or their family members. To ensure that people do not compromise on their health insurance, monthly instalments make it easier to buy and keep the health policies of older people. *

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