How to Hire the Best Team Members for Any Business

There are various steps to go through when starting a business, from formulating the business plan down to securing the funds and resources from venture funds like Clean Venture. Once you have that in place, along with your store location and equipment, what’s next?

Next up, you should find the right team members that fit your business and the goals you plan to achieve. With that in mind, here are tips on how you can hire the best team members, no matter the business you own.

  1. Don’t Hire Clones

As much as possible, you want your team to be diverse and with the widest set of people. A successful team is like a jigsaw puzzle, with different pieces that fit together, creating a masterpiece! Your team should be a mix of different characteristics and personalities, but not to the point they clash.

Make sure that you hire team members who have the balance of personal attributes and professional skills that are complementary to other members and yourself.

  1. The Hiring Process

It’s recommended to develop a hiring process. When doing so, ask yourself:

  • How can you ensure that you evaluate applicants objectively and without bias?
  • How can you create a process allowing applicants from all backgrounds to show their best selves during the interview and moving forward?

Avoid favoring people similar to yourself and focus on creating an objective process that evaluates applicants based on clear criteria for the job position. Develop a rubric you can apply to any interview scenario.

Know what key aspects you want the applicant to have for the job, then come up with questions that will help you identify that. What answers will give you the confidence that the applicant is suitable for the job? And what answers sound like they lack?

Once you establish that criteria, let your hiring team know so everyone will be on the same page, comparing applicants effectively.

  1. Avoid Hiring Loved Ones

One piece of advice any entrepreneur would give you is to avoid hiring people you know. While you may want to get help from family and friends, this is a business and not a reunion. Just because you know them doesn’t make it a good enough reason to hire them.

Yes, there is trust, but they may not have the attitude and skills to get the job done. And if you need to fire the employees, it would be difficult considering the relationship you have and the bridges that may be burned from it.

  1. Hire for Attitude

This is an obvious tip that not a lot of people prioritize. Besides looking at the skillset and experience of an applicant, identify their attitude toward different scenarios and people.

Think of it this way: Skills help you narrow down the pool of applicants, while attitude will help you select the right one among all the qualified candidates.

Team building is an art, and you will need the right set of people to ensure that the job gets done and your business flourishes. Use these tips next time you are hiring new employees. Good luck!