The Many Benefits of Serviced Offices

There was a time when having a plush office in the CBD was a sure sign of success, as only the high-flying organisations could afford such a set up, while small businesses had to make do with a small office in a quiet part of town. You only have to look at rentals for prestigious office space to understand why only a select few can move their operation into an elite part of the city, yet there is a way that you can do exactly that without needing a high-end budget.

Serviced Offices

There are specialist providers of hi-end serviced offices in Sydney CBD, for example, and they have packages to suit every business and every budget. You might not actually need any office space, rather you would prefer a prestigious business address, where your mail can be sent, or you might require a telephone answering service, from a remotely located virtual receptionist who is fully briefed on your business. They guarantee to answer every call within 5 seconds, and you really can’t get any better than that!

Call Forwarding

You could have all incoming calls to your office landline automatically forwarded to your mobile number, and the caller would never know that you are not sitting in your CBD offices. Call forwarding services can be configured to the client’s needs, with specific people who have calls forwarded to their number, and with a message taking service, everyone is on the same page.

Boost your Company Image

There’s nothing quite like having a prestigious office address in the CBD part of the city, as this projects the right image, and let’s face it, people like to deal with winners. If, for example, you wished to have a business meeting at your serviced office, your company logo can be fitted and no one would ever guess that you do not use the office as a permanent fixture. They have all the equipment you might need to hold a business meeting, including projectors, screens, laptops, charts, whiteboards and markers, and with a top-notch conference room at your disposal, you will be sending out the right messages.

Totally Flexible Options

Whether you need an office for one day a month/week or for any specific duration, the serviced office provider can meet your demands. You might require an office with one or two permanent staff members and like to have regular meetings, but whatever your needs, search online for a leading serviced office provider and you won’t be disappointed. They are there to tailor the service to suit you, which means you only pay for the services you actually use, and with flexible billing arrangements, you won’t have to worry anymore about quality office space.

If you would like to explore the potential that serviced offices offer, an online search is all it takes to talk to a local provider, who can help you to put your business firmly on the map. You might be surprised at how reasonable serviced offices can be, and with so many essential services available on request, your business can benefit in so many ways.