5 Step To Make your restaurant Ramadan ready

Ramadan is a month of fasting, reflection and community for Muslims. For restaurants, it presents an opportunity to attract customers looking to break their fast with family and friends. Making your restaurant Ramadan-ready involves thoughtful planning and execution, from curating special menus to creating a welcoming and festive atmosphere.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the essential steps to prepare your restaurant for Ramadan, ensuring that you create a memorable dining experience that keeps them coming back throughout the month and beyond.

Design a Ramdan-special menu

The first step to making your restaurant Ramadan-ready is designing a Ramadan special menu that caters to the needs and preferences of your customers during this holy month. Here are some factors to consider while designing a ramadan menu for your restaurant:

  • Iftar: Focus on nourishing, hydrating, and light options that are traditionally consumed to break the fast. Offer a complete meal set with appetizers, main course, dessert, and drink.
  • Suhoor: Include wholesome, healthy and energy-boosting options to sustain the fast throughout the day.
  • Cultural Preferences: Consider the cultural and regional preferences of your target audience.

Using online graphic design and marketing tools such as PosterMyWall, you can design a Ramadan special menu for your restaurant in minutes. You don’t need any design skills for this; just browse through the menu templates, select the one that resonates most with your restaurant, and customize it to add your unique dishes.

Offer generous portions, especially for iftar, as customers break their fast after a long day. However, you should try to keep the menu reasonably priced to attract a wider audience.

Introduce enticing Ramadan deals

Giving customers good food and value for their money in this blessed month is the best way to make your restaurant stand out from the others. Here are some enticing Ramadan deals you can introduce at your restaurant:

  • Iftar buffet, where restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes, including appetizers, main courses, desserts, and beverages for iftar at a discounted deal price.
  • Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) deals, where customers can get two items for the price of one, which is a great incentive for couples or friends dining together.
  • Discounted prices on popular iftar and suhoor dishes.

Conduct Ramadan-themed giveaways and contests

Who doesn’t love some freebies? Giveaways are great because you will not only be rewarding your current customers for their appreciation and support for your business but will also attract new potential customers.

You can give free merchandise, gift cards or discount coupons, or free meals to the winners depending on your restaurant’s budget, but do consider being as generous as possible to attract maximum number of customers.

Two types of giveaways that you can conduct on your social media include:

  • Q&As or creative caption/answer contests, where participants have to answer questions about your restaurant or suggest a caption for a social media post for a chance to win.
  • Photo contests, where the participants have to post images or videos of them enjoying a meal at your restaurant on their socials and tag you in their stories/posts.

Communicate the duration and the time when the winner(s) will be announced so that interested individuals have ample opportunity to take part in the giveaway.

Craft an email campaign

Running an effective email campaign for your restaurant during Ramadan can help you engage with your customers, promote special offers, and boost sales.

Before starting your campaign, divide your email list into segments based on criteria like customer preferences, past orders, or demographics to send more personalized messages.

Make sure that your emails include the following elements:

  • Compelling subject lines, such as “Exclusive Suhoor Deals Await You!”, to increase your email open rates.
  • A Ramadan theme in your email design with appropriate colors, images, and graphics to create a festive atmosphere.
  • Your iftar and suhoor menus with mouth-watering images and detailed descriptions.
  • Information about your Ramadan special deals, discounts and family packages.
  • Mobile-friendly design to ensure your email is responsive and looks good on all devices.
  • Clear and prominent CTAs like “Book Your Table Now,” or “Order Online”.

Run ads on social media

Running ad campaigns on social media is by far the most efficient way to reach out to potential customers. This is because social media algorithms favor paid content over organic marketing efforts. With paid ads, you will essentially be paying for your audience’s undivided attention.

Designing an ad campaign is fairly simple. Select the demographic groups (based on age, location, etc.) you want to target, the days and timings for the ad, and the content, and voila, your ad is ready to roll!

Keep a daily check on the campaign analytics of your ad. Based on the campaign metrics such as impressions, likes, shares, and profile follows, you should end or extend the ad.


Preparing your restaurant for Ramadan involves creating an atmosphere that welcomes and caters to those observing the fast. By thoughtfully curating special iftar and suhoor menus, offering deals and discounts, and creating a festive yet comfortable dining environment, you can attract customers to this Ramdan. Additionally, you should also invest some time and effort in training your staff to understand the needs of fasting customers to enhance the overall experience.

Implementing these strategies will not only boost your restaurant’s sales during Ramadan but also have your customers coming back for more.