Factors to consider when becoming a successful trader

You may have seen other articles on becoming a trader that mentions the need to have certain traits before really being able to get into trading. Some of these are valid; some are not so much.

This article will be covering the traits that are most likely to make you successful. Of course, there is also no guarantee that these traits will help you when trading, but they increase the likelihood of it happening.

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Key points about trading

Before we get into personality traits, though, some key points about trading need to be made. The most important thing to know is that in order to be a successful day trader, you must have an edge over the market. It means that your method must beat the market on average by winning trades more than it loses them.

It may appear to be easy, but in reality, it isn’t simple to describe. Many traders win more than they lose but still lose money. Knowing what your edge is and how to define it is one of the most important aspects of defining your success as a trader.

Ability to manage risk

That brings us to risk management. Just because you have an edge does not mean that you will make money. You need to manage risk by using the proper tools and finding ways to minimize your loss on bad trades. It is not enough to win more than you lose; you must also find a way to keep your profits and minimize your losses.


Another important trait that many traders lack is patience. Instead, they want instant gratification, leading them to make decisions that they don’t base on sound logic. The markets will not care whether you want an outcome and will do what it wants regardless of your feelings. If you expect the market to wait for you, you need to check yourself into a mental hospital because that is not how the markets work.

Willing to lose from losses

Be willing to lose. Many traders think that they are above this idea, but you need to do it to be successful. If you are not savvy about playing the game, the market will take your money, so be prepared for this possibility.

Check yourself

Irrelevant of how many articles you’ve read or how much experience you have with trading, doing it successfully is a skill that you will have to develop. Many talented people do not have the skills necessary to succeed as a trader. You need to check yourself and determine what kind of trader you want to be. There is no correct answer here, whether technical or fundamental analysis, only what works best for you. Being a trader is as much about your skills as how you interact with the market. Are you prepared for the competition?

Finally, you need to check yourself from time to time for being too emotional in your trading decisions. If you are not approaching the markets from a logical standpoint, you will not succeed. It is hard not to let your emotions take control, but if you want to be a successful trader, you must pass this is the first check.

In conclusion

These are just some traits that you need to check on yourself to improve your odds of becoming a successful day trader. Keep these things in mind as you learn more about trading, and see you again soon for more updates and check out our other trading articles.

Trading is a challenging process that requires you to check yourself before becoming successful. Many aspects of the market work against you as an individual investor, but if there were any easy way to become wealthy, everyone would be doing it.