How To Assist Your Manager To Raise The Performance of Their Team?

Employees are not an expense, they are assets for the organisation.Their work, passionate behavior and efforts are those elements which can increase the productivity, performance and efficiency of the organisation. If one understands this fact clearly, they will focus on the improvement of their work force, rather than running here and there.

Some tips can help you in improving the performance of your work force, let’s have a look:

Make them believe in theirselves

When a candidate becomes an employee, they enteras a raw material in your organisation, your job is to train and develop them time by time, to increase their performance. They can do much more than they have even imagined, but who is going to tell this to them? You are the one who hired them because of their shown and hidden abilities. Now its your duty to motivate them, to bring out those hidden qualities and make them believe in their self, they are not just an employee.

Own them with love and care

If a manager shows love and care, remembers little details about his employees, treat them special on their big days and console them when they are grieved, employees will start performing extra ordinary.With the passage of time, they will love to work, and complain less.

Fringe is vital

Sometimes money or a monetary reward is no more attractive for the employees, they silently demand time, space, relaxation and entertainment. At this point you need to identify what your employee wants right now. Fringe benefits work best, give them club memberships, movie tickets, saloon service coupons, tour tickets for their families so that they can relax and spend time with their families. This way they can keep a balance in work and home life.

Promote them

When your employees see that their performance can increase their rank, they have a new opening or new place which is welcoming them if they perform well. It is important for you to recognise the potential of your employees, and avoid outsourcing. Instead of bringing in new people from external sources, you should promote those employees who deserve a promotion.

Power of feedback

Respond promptly! Give them quick feedback so that they can improve their personalities as much as possible, this will reduce the rate of mistakes and increase the work efficiency. Also teach them about the power of feedback, so they can also learn to reply as soon as possible. This helps in improving communication skills as well.

Many organisations are providing training programs for managers in order to assist them to raise their team performance, Douglas Stafford stands among those organisations which are working globally to improve the customer experience consultancy. They have been working with big names for 27 years, they work on the concept that there must always be an element of self-improvement, by using different development tools you can analyze the performance of your employees, for this purpose Douglas Stafford has a team of consultants who train their clients with workshops and seminars across the world.