Top 10 Benefits Of Green Buildings In India

The construction industry has grown by leaps and bounds during recent times, in ways both good and bad. This rapid evolution of the construction sector has seen a simultaneous increase in environmental concerns, necessitating the need to have proper solutions to mitigate such concerns. One key solution which has gained prominence is the emergence of green buildings worldwide, including in India.

What is a Green Building?

A Green building is designed and constructed in an environmentally friendly manner including, making efficient use of natural resources like energy, water; use of non-toxic and sustainable materials, reusing/ recycling materials, and so on.

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Top 10 Benefits of Green Buildings in India

  1. Reduced pollution and wastage of resources

The key aim of having green buildings in place is to address the adverse impact on the environment, mainly related to growing levels of pollution and depletion of natural resources. Green buildings help in a significant reduction in pollution levels, greenhouse gas emissions, and wastage of natural resources, resulting in less strain on our ecosystem.

  1. Reduction in building construction and maintenance cost

The construction of green buildings also provides considerable economies of scale. By opting for environmentally sustainable design solutions, project management, recycling, and reusing materials in sustainable, and related cost-effective strategies, there is a considerable reduction in construction cost. For instance, passive cooling and natural lighting could considerably cut down operational costs.

  1. Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is another key goal of green buildings. By adapting innovative environmentally friendly technology and construction methods, like solar photovoltaic systems, there are tremendous benefits to inefficient energy utilization and reduction in overall operational costs.

  1. Water efficiency

Efficient management of natural resources is the key to the construction of a green building, as they advocate for savings in water by using alternative techniques like rainwater harvesting, water treatment facilities for recycling water. With water scarcity glaring at us with a bleak future, these eco-friendly measures would at least ensure a consistent supply of clean water for future generations.

  1. Enhanced market value

Environmentally conscious consumers in India are on the rise, who are on the lookout for a sustainable lifestyle. Green buildings hold immense market value for potential buyers, thereby increasing their marketability.

  1. Workplace Efficiency

Green and well-ventilated office spaces have been seen to bring about a significant increase in employee focus, cognitive function, and decision-making attributes. The calming effect brought about by green buildings is also seen to improve overall employee well-being, boosting workplace productivity, thus benefiting the organization.

  1. Long-lasting

A green home lasts longer than a regular constructed home. An eco-friendly home is developed after carefully planning and adopting eco-friendly designing and construction techniques. As such, they turn out to be more durable and long-lasting, giving long-term cost benefits to the owner.

  1. Holistic lifestyle

Living in a green building entails the buyer to adopt a holistic lifestyle which shows us to care for our ecosystem. It also improves our overall quality of life, positively impacts our overall well-being.

  1. Holistic fool-proof investment

Green buildings ensure foolproof potential investments for their owners. With stringent regulations coming into force to mitigate the adverse impact on the environment, green buildings are more adaptable to such policy changes.

  1. Affordable Home Loans

With green initiatives growing in popularity, borrowers can easily avail of home loans at affordable home loan interest rates for purchasing green homes.


Green buildings are thus seen to be slowly making inroads everywhere, right from residential structures to corporate facilities. Sustainable architecture is slowly becoming the norm, as a means to preserve our delicate ecosystem, develop thriving communities, promote economic development, and reduce carbon footprint. For more details on green building home loans, visit Tata Capital’s website.